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The JHS Foundation funds higher education studies for young women who would otherwise not have access to further education. The JHS supports its students in their countries of origin, focusing on women since 2012. We believe that education not only brings knowledge, it also empowers students to change their lives and to contribute positively to the future of their community, improving our world today and tomorrow.



The JHS Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation based in Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded in 2000, in memory of Johanna Heumann, who believed that helping others when you are given the opportunity is a duty, an honor, and a matter of course. JHS is run by a board. Board members represent various professional fields, work on a voluntary basis and rely on existing networks of information.

Global Volunteers

The JHS Foundation works with local heroes, or volunteers, in  countries such as Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Afghanistan, Palestine and Ecuador. Our local heroes serve as a bridge between the students and the JHS. They identify potential students, coordinate and monitor the student's progress, as well as help with the administrative process.


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