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Local Hero

We go to great lengths to find contacts who become local heroes in developing countries to serve as a bridge between the students and our foundation. These local heroes are volunteers, often already working in the field of education. JHS Local Heroes identify potential students, coordinate the administrative aspects of the student’s schooling with the foundation, as well as supervise the student’s progress.
JHS Local Heroes donate their time and expertise.
Here is what some of them have to say:
JHS Local Hero, Nepal

"Being a JHS hero is often a challenge as students from disadvantaged Dalit, Muslim and ethnic minorities or from the remotest mountain areas need a lot of help.  They have come from poorer schools and lack information about study options and how to even get in to a technical school or university. Once in the girls need encouragement and support as they are often far from friends and family.  There are constantly unexpected demands when courses change, practical field work requires extra funds, illness strikes. Getting through several years of higher education is a commitment for the student, the hero and JHS."

JHS Local Hero, 

"I see JHS as a transformative force in the lives of these girls. I know that my students come from families that have no means whatsoever of financially supporting their girls past even primary education. Yet, in the face of abject poverty, I have seen these girls strive and attain success in ways that were previously unimaginable...The girls in this JHS program are working not only to find success themselves, but to build the hope of someday changing the economic status of their families."

JHS Local Hero, 

"Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world with much of its population living on less than a dollar per day. The coming and the introduction of JHS foundation in Zambia with regard to the sponsorship project of vulnerable girls has changed the lives of disadvantaged girls in the community. I want to respect you for the value you are adding to our students. Thank you.“

JHS Local Hero, 
South Africa
JHS Local Hero, Ghana

"I am an alumna of the JHS Foundation and a university graduate in science and technology. My dream of going to tertiary would never have been possible without the timely intervention of JHS.

I am the first female to attend University in my family, thus a pacesetter for my sister and my cousins at large and I have been equipped with all the needed knowledge and skills to be resourceful to my country and the world at large. I have been acquainted with the troubles the girl child goes through in attempts to climb the academic and professional ladder.

My role as a local hero has given me the chance to give back

to my community." 

"JHS is enabling girls to attain their full potential, with increasing self-reliance and independence as they approach adulthood. They pay for a ticket for the girls to fly and land in a better place where they will be proud girls, confident strong leaders. Long live JHS. ." 

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