Meet Some Current Students



Zanele pursues a Bachelors Degree in Education in South Africa and has just successfully passed her first year. After already having been accepted to tertiary education a few years ago, she wasn't able to pay the fees and instead had to support her ill mother at home. It was therefore with even greater joy that Zanele was able to enter university last year and start over. By now, she has gotten used to studying again, enjoys her courses and is growing confident in her knowledge and ability to master various challenges accompanying her journey at university

Melani is studying Early Childhood Education in Turkana County. She has successfully passed her second year National Certificate.

Caroline is an orphan who was raised by her aunt. During her years in school she was a constant member of the netball and volleyball teams frequently representing the school in sub-county championships. As a hard working student she is now studying Education, in Kenya, in order to become a teacher. "My greatest motivation has always been my need to mentor young minds and where possible support others in their work towards achieving their dreams".



Maureen is in her third year training to become a Nurse at Macha Institute of Health Sciences. She hopes to improve good hygiene practices and sanitation in her community, especially educating young children and mothers. Surgery has been her preferred course in her first year. She is mentoring Elen in grade 9.


Beatrice is studying for a BSc in Biochemistry in Ghana. In her most recent email she writes: " I must say I have never regretted choosing biochemistry as a course despite the voluminous lecture notes and the many projects works involved. I read nine subjects in second semester...I have been able to maintain my academic status as a second class upper student though I am putting in more effort to be a first class student"


Kenyan student Volca is pursuing a degree in Education


Akossia is studying  Administration in Benin, with the goal to to further development of local products in her community and country


Yara is in nursing school in Palestine. She is eager to learn more about the human body with the bigger picture in mind to one day be able to work in a hospital, helping people and doing humanitarian work. She travels four hours a day to get back and forth to her university. She has succeeded brilliantly in her courses. Next semester she will be preparing her Graduation Project.


Winnie is one of 6 siblings, the only one pursuing a higher level of occupation. All other siblings left school to get married. Asking her for her motivation and the most important lesson she has learned while pursuing higher education she answers “You need to work hard, seek knowledge, and understand other people. You will feel in control of your life”. She is studying in Kenya.


Gift will soon be finishing her fourth year of university in Kenya, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Education Arts. Most of her siblings are already married and when she finished high school she was afraid she might have to discontinue her education. "Without JHS, I would have never set foot in a university.”



Josephine is studying for a Bachelor of Education in English literature. She is also mentoring a girl in grade 7 called Lencer.


Thulisile is a South African girl studying for a Bachelor in Education. As she has always dreamt of becoming a teacher, Thulisile had been a volunteer assistant teacher at the local community school before entering university. During her first year of studies, she has mastered various challenges stemming from the long distance to university or originally not knowing how to use a computer. After completing her course, Thulisile plans on returning to her Community and work as a certified teacher

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