Meet Some of Our Graduates

January 2019
Dr Monika has successfully graduated from Medical School in Bangladesh and is currently working at Grand Hospital and is preparing for the Lok Sewa exams for admission into the Government Service. In her last email she writes: "my father is not feeling less having daughters".


March 17, 2018

 Sima passed her Nursing Council exam in Kathmandu and is now actively looking for a job in a rural area.


April 05, 2017

 Nokukhanya, graduated in December 2015. She is the first person in her family to achieve tertiary education and works as a radiographer.


April 02, 2017

Smanga graduated in 2015 and is now a Maths teacher in a rural area of South Africa.


July 31, 2016

 Narmeen is from the West Bank in Palestine. She is a nurse, and hopes one day to "be able to help other students achieve their goal..."

Manju with her Local Hero

September 07, 2015

Manju is now a qualified assistant nurse midwife in Nepal


May 09, 2015

Abed is from the West Bank in Palestine. He is a registered nurse at a hospital in Jerusalem, working in the Paediatric Open Heart Unit, caring for babies with congenital heart defects and diseases. He writes: "I feel very happy to help them getting better through their hard conditions. Thank you JHS again for your bright support"


August 31, 2014

Carolina graduated as engineer in foreign commerce and customs in Ecuador. She sent us her picture to "share with you one of my biggest achievements, my graduation, which fills me with happiness."


July 31, 2014

Felister graduated in law from Mzumbe University, in Tanzania. During her studies she has worked as a trainee in the Attorney General Chamber in Dar es Salaam and today is working on a critical analysis of the efficiency of the Child Act Law of 2009.


July 23, 2014

Manoj graduated in 2010 in Environmental Management. He is the Executive Director of the Jane Goodall Institute in Nepal, which was inaugurated in 2013.


May 14, 2013

Paul graduated in Social Work and Community Development in 2008. His latest update stated that he was a “Cooperative Development Officer for Agriculture Development in Tanzania” and that he enjoys “working with communities by increasing access of financial services among poor farmers” and to “provide training to cooperatives, groups and association based on good governance and entrepreneurship.”


May 11, 2013

Erick, JHS's former Journalism student now reports for a Tanzanian  newspaper. He writes features and special reports and recently finished an investigative series on drug addicts in Zanzibar. Erick is among the prestigious 2011 David Astor Journalism Award winners.


October 05, 2012

Sinthaphone moved to Thailand from his native Laos in 2008 for his studies and graduated top of his class with a degree in law and business. He is now working on a project run by World Vision Organization (Laos) on poverty relief.


April 08, 2012

Shambhu earned his Bachelor's degree in Population Education in Nepal in 2010.  He is from a small Himalayan village. While still a student, Shambhu would return to his village to volunteer in the Learning Centre, tutoring, mentoring and coaching dozens of profoundly disadvantaged boys and girls. After graduation Shambhu was offered a job at the school in his hometown. He still volunteers at the Learning Centre in the mornings.

Vusi and Dumisane

April 02, 2011

South African students Vusi and Dumisane at their graduation. Both studied electrical engineering. Dumisane was one of JHS's first bursary students. He recently contacted our local hero, Brian, in South Africa to invite him to his graduation. The degree that he has earned is the result of further study that he was able to complete after Brian secured him an internship. We are all very proud of Dumisane and Vusi, they both have secured jobs and are clearly, as Brian says, on their way...


July 31, 2010

Aksone completed her Bachelor's degree in Social Science in 2010. Originally from Laos, Aksone had to move to Thailand for her studies and could only see her family once a year. Before she graduated she began to send her CV to NGOs and government offices in Laos. "It is time to go to my vision is getting wider. I am ready to going back home and work for my own country." She wrote at the time. She received several job offers and is now working as a Social Scientist with the Department of Community Development in Laos.

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