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Meet Some of Our Graduates

May 2022
Samsida successfully completed her Bachelors of Education in Nepal

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May 2022
Opportune has successfully completed her studies in Agronomy and is now working and helping her community in Benin.

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May 2022
My heart is filled with gratitude towards the JHS foundation.  Thank you for putting a permanent smile of my face and the world for I shall impact the world positively. You have showed up for me since my admission into college, B.Ed in Science and Mathematics, which I have successfully completed.

January 2020
Maureen has successfully graduated. She was training to become a Nurse at Macha Institute of Health Sciences. She hopes to improve good hygiene practices and sanitation in her community, especially educating young children and mothers. Surgery has been her preferred course in her first year. She was mentoring Elen in grade 9.



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August 2020
Volca has successfully graduated with a degree in Education from Kenya.